Welcome to the new site!

Welcome fans old and new to the recently updated Dank page! Check out our upcoming shows on the right, and discover recent happenings by simply scrolling down the page. For a blast from the past scroll down to the bottom, select “Older posts,” and with each successive page rediscover the jamtronic reggae dreamscape of the classic dank… As for this Dank Train we are rolling on and planning more and more dates than ever! Keep an eye and a nose out, steady on the wheel – we’re rollin’ your way.

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More dates for 2014 Winter/Spring Tour

Choo choo, the Dank Train has more shows coming your way:

2/20 – New Earth Music Hall – Athens, GA
2/27 – Green Bar – Tuscaloosa, AL – w/ Yo Momma’s Big Fat Booty Band
3/15 – River Street Arbour Stage – Savannah, GA (Free show on Riverstreet)
3/20 – The One Stop – Asheville, NC – w/ Arpetrio
3/27 – Buffington’s – Milledgeville, GA
3/28 – Roasted Cafe – Macon, GA
4/18 – Green Room – Athens, GA

more to come!

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Live Recording: Music Farm, Charleston, SC 11/14/13

We’ve got some fresh Dank tracks from our show at the Music Farm in Charleston back in November with Long Miles. There’s a new song on there, “Last Night” that hasn’t been released yet as well as a rowdy cover of Ted Nugent’s “Strangehold”. Give it a spin! Nothin but Love on these tracks



The Music Farm
Charleston, SC

w/ Long Miles and Will Hastings

1. Strange >
3. Last Night
4. Imagination Station >
5. Stranglehold *
6. Craig Legz >
7. Girl in White

* – Ted Nugent

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We’re on a BALCONY

Recently we were featured on BalconyTV Charleston where we got to play a song off our new album, “Down South Georgia Boy”, on top of the Holiday Inn Balcony in Charleston! Give it a watch #wereonabalcony

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January Dates: Athens, Chattanooga, Knoxville, and Nashville

We’ll be back on the road early in 2014, first in our humble-abode of Athens, GA at the Green Room, then we’re heading to Rhythm and Brews in Chattanooga, TN and Preservation Pub in Knoxville, TN for Umphrey’s McGee After-parties. We’ll also be making our first stop in Nashville, TN at 12th & Porter. #TurnUP

1/16 – Green Room – Athens, GA
1/29 – Rhythm & Brews – Chattanooga TN (Umphreys After-Party)
1/30 – Preservation Pub – Knoxville, TN (Umphreys After-Party)
2/1 – 12th & Porter – Nashville, TN

green room 2014 photo DankSinatra_GreenRoom2014_zps59c4e9e8.jpg

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Live Recording: Bragg Jam, Macon, GA 07/27/13

Dank the Halls, we’ve got a jolly ole recording from our Bragg Jam Festival set in Macon, GA this past July to keep you moving over the holidays. Be sure to check check out our cover of “Smells Like Teen Spirit”…plenty more to come!

1. Girl in White
2. Peggy Sue’s Baitshack
3. You and I
4. Strange
5. Down South Georgia Boy
6. Smells Like Teen Spirit *
7. Sleeper

* – Nirvana, first time played

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New Album “Strange” Out NOW!

Fans, Friends, and Family, we are thrilled to at long last announce the release our latest musical works entitled “Strange”, featuring 6 tracks of musical adventure, exploration, and good ole Rock n Roll sure to satisfy your audible needs. We have tons of ways for you to access this musical wonderment from whatever music source you like:

For free-streaming on Spotify visit here > https://play.spotify.com/album/1xcECEmRMHOwJNf56vuEGV

For free-streaming/free download/CD-purchase on Band Camp visit here > http://danksinatramusic.bandcamp.com/album/strange

For Purchase on iTunes visit here > https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/strange/id739837138

For free-streaming/free download on SoundCloud visit here > https://soundcloud.com/dank-sinatra

For free-streaming on Grooveshark visit here > http://grooveshark.com/album/Strange/9352304

For free-streaming/download on ReverbNation visit here > http://www.reverbnation.com/danksinatra

You can purchase an album by visiting Band Camp, danksinatra.bigcartel.com, or email us at danksinatramusic@gmail.com and we’ll send you a CD for $5 plus $1 shipping

You can also email us at danksinatramusic@gmail.com and we’ll send you a CD for $5 plus $1 shipping

Thank you for the continued support, dank on

strange 2 photo DSStrangeCOVERFINALsized_zpse06ecc28.jpg
 photo DSStrangeBACKCOVERFINALsized_zps698dfe26.jpg

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Back to the Classic City and Charleston, SC

Athenians and music lovers around the world, our Athens show at Nowhere Bar is fast approaching. We’ve got an epic night in store for everyone, spread the word! We’re also excited to announce that we’ll be playing at the Music Farm in Charleston, SC alongside Long Miles on 11/14. Dank on!

nowhere 2013 -3 photo NowhereBar_DS-2013_zpse5567831.jpg

nowhere 2013 - 1 photo nowherebar-promo2013-1_zps7376ef90.jpg

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Live footage from The Pour House 7/20/13 with DJ Logic

Last month we had the pleasure of sharing the stage with DJ Logic at The Pour House in Charleston, SC. Check out this playlist for a full recording of the show, including two songs with DJ Logic scratching on them. scratchalicious

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Live Recording: Zydeco, Birmingham, AL 6/20/13

Need some free live music? We’ve got it for you here > https://archive.org/details/DS2013-06-20. This recording is from our first show at Zydeco in Birmingham, Al-a-bam..It’s soundboard quality and has some new originals and covers we think you’ll love. Dig it.

1. Slow Down >
2. Philmont Funk
3. Locked Down > * #
4. Strange >
5. DSGB (Down South Georgia Boy) >
6. Imagination Station >
7. Craig Legz
8. Get Lucky * ^
9. You and I >
10. Diner * %
11. Sleeper

* – 1st Time Played
# – Dr. John
^ – Daft Punk
% – Widespread Panic

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